Integrating with Snowflake

Snowflake is a hosted data warehouse that provides scalable SQL queries over large data sets.

Writing to Snowflake

Query results can be loaded into Snowflake by exporting values as Parquet and using the COPY instruction to load the Parquet file into a Parquet table. Query results can be returned as a URL identifying the output Parquet file by supplying the output config --output parquet.

%%fenl --output parquet
  key: Purchase.customer_id,
  max_amount: Purchase.amount | max(),
  min_amount: Purchase.amount | min(),

The resulting Parquet file can be loaded into a temporary Snowflake table.

create or replace temporary table feature_vectors (
  key varchar default null,
  max_amount number,
  min_amount number

create or replace file format feature_vector_parquet_format
  type = 'parquet';

create or replace temporary stage feature_vector_stage
  file_format = feature_vector_parquet_format;

put <file url> @sf_tut_stage;

copy into cities
  from (select * from @sf_tut_stage/<filename>.parquet);