Timestream.explain(kind=‘final_plan’, results=None, mode=‘once’)

Return an explanation of this Timestream will be executed.

This is intended for understanding how a given Timestream query will

be executed. It does not guarantee that the same query will always

be executed the same way.

  • results (Optional[Union[History, Snapshot]], default: None)

    The results to produce. Defaults to History() producing all points.

  • kind (Literal[‘initial_dfg’, ‘final_dfg’, ‘final_plan’], default: 'final_plan')

    The kind of plan to produce.

  • mode (Literal[‘once’, ‘live’], default: 'once')

    The execution mode to use. Defaults to 'once' to produce the results

    from the currently available data. Use 'live' to start a standing query

    that continues to process new data until stopped.



A GraphViz representation of the execution plan as a string, SVG string, or SVG.

Specific representation depends on the format argument.



if the kind is not recognized or the format is not supported.


This method is intended for debugging and development purposes only. The API may change in the future.